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Enter the world of mind quizzes and adventurous movie-themed games with your friends or co-workers together while staying at home

Play Online Quest Games for $10 per Person & Get 20% Discount for the Next Game

During pandemics, we find a great way to be closer with friends and have fun at the same time. We offer you an adventurous world of quest games online with interesting quizzes and puzzles to solve!

Play with 4 and More Friends

Each Online Quest Game costs $10 for a Player. By default, the price for each Game is $40 for 4 people. But it can be up to 6 players if you want. Write to us if you want to buy a Game for 5 people and more. Get a discount of 20% OFF for the Second Game!


You can play on your computer with access to the Internet or your cell phone or tablet. For better usability, you can download an app and play with its help.


You can still be on social distancing physically but emotionally you can be close to your friends and family. Solve together all the quest games online and have a great time!

Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone Adventure Quest

Harry, Ron, and Hermione need your help with finding the Philosopher’s Stone to protect themselves and the whole school from the danger that threatens them. So let the adventure begin!


Our Online Quest Games

There are more online quest games that can invite you to the worlds of great quizzes, riddles, and puzzles to fix

Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Mission to Save

Captain America expects you to help him find the Modul Alfa to stop S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarriers from threatening the world

Back to the Future: Adventure Time

Help Marty travel back in time and find the Grays Sports Almanac faster than Biff to ensure his future present will be the same or even better…

Spider-Man: Escape Mission

Peter is again in the process of finding the next bad guy. But unfortunately, he was lock in the storage by accident. He needs to find the way out and maybe there are only you who know how to do it!

Online Quest Games in Numbers

Quest games online is a great way to spend time not only funny but also useful. It trains your mind by solving the riddles. It trains your mind and cognitive abilities

Memory training

Thinking process training

Perception training

Online Quest Games as a New Way of Communication

We want to introduce you a great way to stay connected to your friends, family or teammates while staying and working from home. Maybe you have heard about online quests and have some idea what they look like, but we offer a whole new type of online quest games.

Quest games online are not only quizzes – questions and multiple-choice answers. They are much more! While playing in online quest games you enter the world of a popular movie, maybe your favorite movie. The main character welcomes you to his journey to help him with everything that comes up. You emerge into the whirl of different events, meetings and people that can be familier from the movies. But alongside this you also solve different quizzes and riddles to go to the next level and help your friend. If you ever wanted to feel how it is to be friends with Spider Man or Captain America, this is your chance! Online quest games are something that we created to help people not to feel alone and to stay connected to each other. This is the main goal for it. All the quest games are hand-crafted by an online quest games fan and movie geek – Me:) From my own experience it is a great way to spend time with friends or family and get a lot of fun, talking and laughing. Online quest game has a lot of benefits: – you can play quest games on your PC or smartphone; – you can play them with your friends or family on distance; – quest games online are used for team buildings and for improving working environment, especially when people work remotely; – you can buy online quest today and play it on another day when you can or it is comfortable for everyone in your team; – our online quest games train your memory, perception and thinking skills; – and it is just interesting and fun to play:) We welcome you to try at least one online quest game to experience this new kind of online intellectual games. Try and play if you need communication and want to spend great time with the people you like! Good luck!

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