3 Popular Online Games for Team Building at Remote Job

Online Quest Games to Play Online from Your Home with Friends

3 Popular Online Games for Team Building at Remote Job

online escape games for the team

There are a lot of online games for the remote teams you can play instead of the escape room games online. You can check out 3 popular games here.

Tournament in stone-paper-scissors

Super easy and super fun. Open your favorite video conferencing software (Zoom, Skype, Teams, Google Meet) and see which of you understands the psychology of the rest the best. For winning the tournament, you can give real prizes. And other participants can (jokingly) place bets.

You don’t even have to create standings: two people play, then the winner plays with the next one, and so on, until there is only one left. A great way to test people’s reflexes, spontaneity, responsiveness. Not even a bad way to warm up before a brainstorm! And if you want to increase the level of difficulty, you can play rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock. Sounds harder than it sounds!

Find out someone’s story in 5 minutes

People are divided into groups of 2 people, and the time for a conversation is set for them (preferably no more than five to seven minutes). During this time, you need to tell your partner the story of your whole life. Or any other interesting story that happened to you. After that, the story needs to be re-told. The listener should tell it to the entire group on the conference call, and the less he gets confused in the “testimony” – the more attentively he perceived the person, and the better he showed himself as a storyteller.

A very good exercise for listening and transmitting the thoughts of the interlocutor. Helps team members learn about each other’s interests and build friendships. In the future, if you want to reach new levels of difficulty, you can arrange a “broken phone”, where the story is retold by several people, and the less it is transformed when passing through so many stages, the better.

Birth chart

A simple little fun for a remote team to get to know each other a little better. A good option for team building. Print (or create online or on a whiteboard) a map of the world. You can also Russia or Europe if you have a team from a specific region. At the beginning of the general call, invite each team member to put a sticker or pin in the place where they were born.

Let those who want to tell a little story about how they were born. And why now they live in the same place / have moved to another city. It is interesting, it allows them to unobtrusively show their cultural values, and to everyone in general – to get to know better those who work with them (or even find people from the same city!). You will be surprised how many new facts from the life of employees come to the surface.

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