7 Online Games that Will Help Unite the Team

Online Quest Games to Play Online from Your Home with Friends

7 Online Games that Will Help Unite the Team

online escape games for teambuilding

We have compiled a list of games we are used to that can be easily transferred online like online games quest.


Picturenaire is a well-known collective game that contributes to a better understanding of each other. Guessing the drawings of colleagues establishes communication, liberates, and simply gives a lot of positive emotions.

How to play? Drawpico is an online game where one of the players draws and the rest guess their plans. The explainer is given a word or concept that he must depict on the board. The winner is the one who has collected the maximum number of points. For more interaction, you can split into teams and together earn points for guessed drawing.


The worldwide popular Mafia is an addicting team game that develops interaction and collaboration. She perfectly distracts from everyday work, focusing all attention on the gameplay. And also “Mafia” is perfect for meeting newcomers in the company.

How to play? Add the bot to your corporate Telegram chat. After launching the bot, you will be given a choice of registration time from 1 to 5 minutes. The maximum number of participants is 22, and the minimum is 4. After everyone is registered, the bot, which acts as a moderator, will automatically select roles for everyone (“Mafia leader”, “Doctor”, “Commissioner”, “Civilian”, as well as others ), and will announce their number in the game.

As in the classic “Mafia”, all the participants get to know each other, and when night falls, the civilians are asleep, the leader of the mafia chooses which of the participants to kill, the doctor – whom to cure, the commissioner – whom to check.

The results are automatically uploaded to the chat, and the team traditionally discusses who is who. The game will continue until there are no more mafia or exactly the same number of civilians, or until the civilians expose the mafia.


This super-agent game has won the prestigious Spiel des Jahres and Origins Awards, as well as the BGG’s Best Party Game in the World. It is perfect for team building, as it promotes the cohesion of players and a better understanding of each other. And the participants who have the role of captains can demonstrate their leadership qualities.

How to play? The players are divided into two teams of an equal number of people. Team members choose captains. Every online game has a key, which is written in the upper left corner of the game. Captains enter the “captains table” and see the code names in front of them. They come in 4 colors: red, blue, white and black. In one move, the captain needs to explain in one concept as many codenames for his team’s color as possible. For example, if the captain wants to explain the words “vulture” and “wing”, he can give a hint to the team in the format “bird 2”, consisting of an explanation and the number of coded names.

Team members do not see the color of words, they just need to cooperate and guess the codenames, conceived by the captain. At the same time, the participants must not accidentally reveal the words of the opposing team, otherwise, the score goes to the other team. When the white word is opened, the move passes to the opponents, and if the black word, the game ends in loss. The first team to reveal all of the codenames wins.


YesNo is a game where mysterious situations are unraveled. Here employees can show intuitive and logical thinking, work in a team, and also feel like real detectives. In this game, leaders traditionally appear who protect from false decisions and “conduct the investigation.”

How to play? The host tells the players the situation, and they must recreate the story. Players can ask any questions, but the leader’s answer to them can only be “yes”, “no” or “does not matter.” Through collective interaction, players step by step reconstruct mysterious, unusual, funny, and sometimes scary situations.

Two truths and one lie

You don’t even need any special online platforms for this game. “Two truths and one lie” is a game that promotes a closer acquaintance with each other. It is great during the adaptation period of newcomers and for rallying employees who rarely interact on work issues.

How to play? As you might guess from the name, each employee says 2 truths and 1 lie about himself. It is false information that needs to be submitted convincingly because points are awarded for it. And the person or team that exposes her also gets points.


Zoom is a popular game used by various event agencies at team-building events. This game is suitable for small teams in which you need to establish interaction when solving common problems.

How to play? The pages of an illustrated book by the artist Istvan Bagni are taken as a basis. Images are sent to participants separately. The main task is to put together a story, not showing pictures to each other, but only telling what is depicted on them. As a result, the participants collect, using logic, a beautiful and vivid story of a universal scale.

Pros and cons

This game is suitable for small and cozy team building. It allows you not only to strengthen trusting relationships within the team but also to learn how to draw positive lessons even from negative experiences.

How to play? Each participant needs to tell an unpleasant story about themselves. It should be a real event that happened in the life of the employee, and not too personal for him to share with colleagues. The team is divided into pairs, where one person tells a story, noting its minuses, and his interlocutor retells the same story to him, finding pluses in it. They later switch roles.

Such a task can be done both in pairs and by the whole team. The main thing is to ensure that an atmosphere of openness reigns in the team without criticism and condemnation.

We hope our selection of online team-building games will help you not only unite your team but also bring a lot of fun from communication. Let it be virtual for now 😉

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