8 Best Team Building Games and Exercises

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8 Best Team Building Games and Exercises

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What kind of team-building exercises and games do your employees need at a corporate event? Today we want to talk not about room escape games online but about offline games that you can use someday. We have collected the 8 most effective ideas from leading corporate event agencies. They organize team buildings in Europe and the USA.

  1. True or false (time spent 30 minutes – 1 hour)

Have each participant introduce themselves by saying their name plus one truth or lie about themselves. After meeting, everyone begins to vividly discuss the statements they heard. The idea is that everyone is trying to convince others of their lies, while simultaneously exposing their lies.

Points are awarded to a group or individual both for convincing lies and for revealing someone else’s. Optionally, you can increase the difficulty of the team-building exercise by adding 2 truths and 1 false, and vice versa. If time is running out, you can skip the open discussion phase.

  1. Tower of cards (15-30 minutes)

The classic team-building game Poker Tower gets more complicated. Groups of 2-5 participants are given not only building cards but also scissors. Each group tries to build the highest possible tower of cards using only cards and scissors (no glue or the like).

The game stimulates the creative thinking of your employees and promotes team building. Participants learn to work with the minimum available material towards larger goals.

  1. Falling eggs (1-2 hours)

Falling Eggs is an addicting, slightly messy, and quick-witted game. Divide the participants into 2-3 teams of reasonable size. They need to build a reliable package that will save the egg when dropped from a height of 2-4 floors. You can use newspapers, straws, ribbons, plastic, balloons, rubber, tape.

This very gambling game can be carried out in several stages. First, drop eggs from the second floor, if they do not break – from the third and so on until the winners are determined. The game is very popular with American event agencies that earn teambuilding.

  1. Legoman (30 minutes – 1 hour)

Teambuilding is an exercise that requires more than the skills of working with a construction set. The coach or the host of the corporate party builds a small sculpture of “Lego”, hiding it from the participants. Employees are divided into small groups of 3-6 people and are provided with building materials.

The presenter opens the sculpture, exposing it in the middle of the hall at an equal distance from each group. Group members can approach the sculpture one at a time, examine and memorize it as much as they like. Do not use pencils, paper, cameras, or other equipment.

Thus, groups have to build something unified from each other’s words, without using visual diagrams. The exercise teaches you how to strategize, communicate effectively and solve problems.

  1. Minefield (15-30 minutes)

The minefield is another great exercise that builds trust among team members and teaches effective communication. You will need a large open space – a corridor or an empty hall, where the host of the corporate party or the coach randomly places “mines”.

Bottles, balls, cones, all kinds of decor items can act as mines.

Participants are divided into pairs. One has to go through a minefield blindfolded under the strict guidance of the second, who sees everything and shows the “blind” the way. It is strictly forbidden to touch the follower with your hands. To complicate the task, invite several couples to the minefield at once, which will definitely interfere with each other.

  1. Zoom (30 minutes)

Event agencies that work with small teams like to use this task. The prototype of the assignment is an illustrated book by the artist Istvan Bagni, which on 30 pages reveals to the readers a narrative of a universal scale. Without a single printed word. Zoom is not hard to find – it has been published in at least 18 countries and is on the web.

You can compose your own book of the required complexity and volume in her image. The images are handed out to the participants, forbidding them to pry. Participants can discuss their illustrations with others, just not show them to each other. The goal is to place all images in a logical order based on verbal clues.

This fun team-building exercise not only teaches you how to solve a common problem but also allows you to stand out as leaders who can take control of the task.

  1. Human knot (15-30 minutes)

A fun team building game that really works for team building, teaches you to solve problems and communicate effectively with your colleagues. It doesn’t need any materials at all.

The recommended group size is 8-20 people. The coach or the host of the corporate party asks the participants to stand in a circle, shoulder to shoulder. Tell everyone to raise their right hand and take the hand of a colleague across the circle. Then you need to raise your left hand and take another person. Someone needs to check that each member is holding two different people. The goal is to untangle everyone without breaking the human knot.

Note: Sometimes more than one circle will form. The game will require comfortable clothing. Also, the participation of people with disabilities is not recommended.

  1. Salt and pepper (15 minutes)

Salt and pepper are great to warm up, as a short and energetic icebreaker game at a corporate event. This game is easy to learn and allows the participation of 10 to 40 people at the same time (ideally, the participants should be numbered).

The host prepares pairs of suitable pictures: Yin and Yang, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, light and shadow, man and woman, salt and pepper. The images are attached to the backs of the participants so that they cannot be seen. When the game begins, participants walk around and ask colleagues questions to figure out the name of the object on their own back and find their match.

This team-building game teaches your employees to choose the right key questions.

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