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Online Quest Games to Play Online from Your Home with Friends

online games for warming up

More Warm-Up Online Games for Team Meetings

We continue sharing different online games for warming up a team before the online meeting. And today you can enjoy three new online games. Also if you are interested in bringing the team together you may play the best online escape games on our homepage. “And from my window …” GOALTo tune the group, to…
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warming up online escape games

TOP 3 Warm-up Online Games for a Remote Team

If the meeting is team-based, then it is necessary to defuse the atmosphere as much as possible. This is why there are warm-up online games. In addition, with the help of such games, one can “calm down” the group after some active exercise, or, conversely, activate the participants, overcome their passivity. Before doing the warm-up,…
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online teambuilding with escape games online

Online Team Building Games 2021

Here at, we offer to try a new way of online team buildings for a remote team. But there are more ways to spend time together when you work from home. Check out these online teambuilding games that are popular in 2021. A picture of your life Have each team member connect to a…
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team online escape puzzle games

More 3 Online Games to Play with Your Teammates

You can try and play online escape games to solve a lot of riddles and have a great time with your friends and teammates. But here you can find simple online games you can play with your team using Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype. Feeling test A simple exercise in which participants should write down…
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online escape games for the team

3 Popular Online Games for Team Building at Remote Job

There are a lot of online games for the remote teams you can play instead of the escape room games online. You can check out 3 popular games here. Tournament in stone-paper-scissors Super easy and super fun. Open your favorite video conferencing software (Zoom, Skype, Teams, Google Meet) and see which of you understands the…
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online escape games for remote teams

Online Games for a Remote Team

One of the main secrets of managing a remote team is setting up and maintaining quality communication. When employees work together in an office, culture and shared values ​​spontaneously emerge. They can ask questions of senior colleagues, talk to each other at lunch, exchange thoughts when crossing in the elevator. With positive communication in the…
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online escape games for teambuilding

7 Online Games that Will Help Unite the Team

We have compiled a list of games we are used to that can be easily transferred online like online games quest. Picturenaire Picturenaire is a well-known collective game that contributes to a better understanding of each other. Guessing the drawings of colleagues establishes communication, liberates, and simply gives a lot of positive emotions. How to…
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team-building escape room games

8 Best Team Building Games and Exercises

What kind of team-building exercises and games do your employees need at a corporate event? Today we want to talk not about room escape games online but about offline games that you can use someday. We have collected the 8 most effective ideas from leading corporate event agencies. They organize team buildings in Europe and…
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10 teambuilding ideas

10 Scenarios for an Unusual Team Building

Rope course, running in sacks, “falling on trust” … Team building aimed at building trust and friendship in the team. It is a good and useful thing, but most companies of any size have already gone through all these things at least once during their existence. When you are tired of the usual forms of…
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12 ideas for teambuilding online

12 Online Team Building Ideas for Remote Companies

Summer is the traditional time for team building and corporate outings. But not the summer of 2021, with its restrictions on events and distance as the norm in corporate life. Many companies have left their employees to work from home after the end of self-isolation and do not plan to meet the team in person…
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