More 3 Online Games to Play with Your Teammates

Online Quest Games to Play Online from Your Home with Friends

More 3 Online Games to Play with Your Teammates

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You can try and play online escape games to solve a lot of riddles and have a great time with your friends and teammates. But here you can find simple online games you can play with your team using Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype.

Feeling test

A simple exercise in which participants should write down / express their ideas, thoughts, or feelings. It helps to start each meeting not only with standard greetings but also to provide some emotional exchange. People often come to general meetings stressed about what they have done, what they are doing, and what they plan to do. They have problems, they have a lot of different things going on in their lives, they expect to catch up with their boss or are afraid to embarrass themselves in front of their colleagues.

If you show that all of these thoughts are appreciated and that it’s okay to think about different things before starting a meeting, employees will feel more comfortable. In addition, it will help to leave them “unnecessary” thoughts overboard, to put an end to them (at least, while the meeting goes on). In addition, such an exercise allows everyone to relax better, and in the group call/chat there will inevitably appear funny people who have thoughts and feelings about something funny and not at all for work. This helps to start the meeting with a lighter tone.

Two truths and a lie

A very popular game in which American teenagers are often “hacked” in films (this is especially loved in horror films and in love comedies). The rules are simple: each team member tells the group three facts about himself and his life. Two will do too, four will be too difficult. Then the whole team must figure out which of these facts is a lie. You can use your deductive abilities, or you can just look for something funny and share it with the whole team. People are learning more not only about who is telling the facts but also about each other.

It often happens that literally two or three people join the already existing team of project programmers. And we recommend this simple game. The dynamics of the team immediately becomes clear, and newcomers get the opportunity to tell a little about themselves. It works especially cool when they know each other, and can, for example, see where the truth is and where is the lie. We safely recommend this game when connecting a new person to the project. It takes two minutes (plus a discussion of at least 5 minutes), but it immediately creates a good-natured atmosphere.

Works even for logical and serious programmers, if at the same time make it clear that this is not something super-official (“Your conversation will not be recorded”!). It helps people who usually ignore everything, remember the stories of their colleagues, better delve into their stories, be interested in the details of each other’s lives (suddenly they tell about it, and I know if this is true or false!). It is also a fun online break game that allows you to quickly find a topic for discussion together or just chat about anything. In such a situation, we noticed that “one truth and one lie” is better. So that a person does not have to come up with something for too long.

Treasure hunt

A super-popular and well-known (especially abroad) game that you can play online if you want. The bottom line is that the participants must quickly find the given objects and present them to the rest. These objects can be both virtual (say, something on Wikipedia or in the search box) or quite real. For example, you can quickly find something in a room, and then upload a photo of it to the general chat.

The game doesn’t have to be super-serious and competitive. You can ask something like “who will find the socks faster ?!”, and then have fun with the one who has the most of all scattered around the room, and who generally seems to live in an apartment without socks. You can try to find a bra, a pencil (who uses them nowadays?), A toothbrush, and for more complicated tasks, say, something related to the work of your company.

Make a list in advance, and the winner will be the one who can be the first to find everything that you indicated. Maybe someone will quickly find a bra, but an online search for the name of the 1989 math Olympiad winner will drag on. Personally, it always turns out that no one can find a couple of things at home (we give a list of 10 pieces), and we count the victory to the one who first found the largest number (screenshots and photos are thrown into the chat).

Challenges may well be competitive, and successful treasure hunters may receive prizes. Let’s say in a 2012 hunt organized by eBay, the total prize pool was $ 200,000.

Employees can play in small teams. It sometimes brings together people with different thinking methods and working styles quite well. They can understand that their different interests and life attitudes can become an advantage, not a disadvantage.

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