Online Games for a Remote Team

Online Quest Games to Play Online from Your Home with Friends

Online Games for a Remote Team

online escape games for remote teams

One of the main secrets of managing a remote team is setting up and maintaining quality communication. When employees work together in an office, culture and shared values ​​spontaneously emerge. They can ask questions of senior colleagues, talk to each other at lunch, exchange thoughts when crossing in the elevator. With positive communication in the project development team, a lot of new ideas are born. Sundar Pichai and Mark Zuckerberg say this atmosphere is one of the main reasons for the success of Silicon Valley companies. They have more promising ideas that arise like this organically, as well as the resources for their implementation than anywhere else

But perceptions of the modern workplace are changing. And now it no longer looks like a glass office, but like a comfortable room in your house (or even in a nearby cafe). More than half of US workers are now working remotely (up from 30% before the coronavirus). Over the past 10 years, the number of telecommuters has grown by 259%. In Russia, the trend is also moving in this direction, albeit much more slowly (now, according to various estimates, it is about 8-12% of remote workers). And what if the team of programmers or other employees is located in different cities or even countries? The solution here is obvious (albeit extremely difficult): you have to do teambuilding virtually.

Remote workers lack the daily face-to-face communication that unites them in the office. Therefore, managers and executives have to come up with a variety of ways to help their IT project team pull together. It’s not enough just to periodically gather your team of programmers or marketers in a video chat and tell them to work together. To form a strong, capable, and friendly backbone, you need certain skills, knowledge, as well as careful observation of what is happening.

But it will pay off in the end – it has been proven that a positive relationship between the team increases the efficiency and effectiveness of work. It is important that the people in the group trust each other and feel united by a common goal. As a result, there is less staff turnover, more job satisfaction, and higher team productivity.

Games and activities worth trying

It’s important for your team to have a place where remote workers can communicate outside of the workflow. Just have fun. Play escape games online, forward memes, or share funny photos of your dog on the Slack channel.

Such unloading will help you to tune in to the working mood better than anything else. And it will prevent burnout, which, according to the World Health Organization, has recently become a big problem due to the development of remote work.

As a remote company with 15 years of experience and over 6,000 employees under our wing, we have several tricks to maintain communication and a positive atmosphere on a project. Meetings don’t have to be monotonous; working in a development team can be a lot of fun. If, of course, you want it.

As we have already found out, a Moscow programmer, whose services cost 120 thousand rubles a month, annually spends 490 thousand rubles of the company if he burns out. Almost half a million! The organization of almost any game (especially online) will be much cheaper. So why not check for yourself at least a couple of the options we tested? For example, you can try this online game.

The aliens have landed!

Tell the group – imagine aliens came to Earth. And they want to know more about your company. The most difficult option is that they do not know English, and you need to explain what you are doing with gestures or a picture. The option is simpler – they still understand languages, albeit poorly (they need to explain your tasks like children).

It is a useful game at the very beginning. It allows you to better acquaint newcomers with the company, as well as with the thoughts of those employees who have already been working here for some time. It also immediately removes any cultural barriers: after all, we all think about the same in comparison with aliens …

If you have a pretty fun team, or you have designers, you can describe things to aliens using five simple pictures per person. This allows people to show their creativity normally without fear that it will somehow affect their salary. The game can be carried out periodically: first, describe their tasks, then – your company, your product, your culture, and so on.

Read about more online games for remote teams in the next posts!

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