Online Team Building Games 2021

Online Quest Games to Play Online from Your Home with Friends

Online Team Building Games 2021

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Here at, we offer to try a new way of online team buildings for a remote team. But there are more ways to spend time together when you work from home. Check out these online teambuilding games that are popular in 2021.

A picture of your life

Have each team member connect to a shared document or online whiteboard prior to the meeting. And he will post there a picture or photo related to something in their life. It can be anything that is relevant to him. Shows what this person is interested in, what his hobbies are, what is happening to him now. You can set a topic:

a photo of the shoes in which each of the employees is now sitting;
the view from their window;
photo of the current state of the table.
That’s it, the ice automatically broke, and now you have something to talk about. Someone may have the same shoes, someone walks in cute house slippers, and somewhere outside the window, something interesting is happening. In any case, the team instantly feels a lot of community. They see that they are not communicating with drones or robots, but with someone similar to themselves.

It can be additionally useful when the team has designers who can quickly draw something themselves and impress their audience (they are pleased with it).

Guess the artist

In advance, at the end of your previous meeting, invite everyone to draw a picture for the beginning of the next one (to the best of their ability). Let them do whatever they want using Photoshop or Paint. Creativity is unlimited! You can even use a photo if there is more talent in that area. Employees must then submit all images to a common file (say, on a google drive). Or to any online board, or to you personally.

At the beginning of the next meeting, collect all these pictures and ask the participants to guess who drew what. It can be in the process of general discussion, or it can be a list from each (if you want to arrange a competition). But in any case, there should be a discussion. This will reveal deeper the characters of each of the employees, as well as their opinion of each other.

As a supplement – when a “picture” of someone is guessed, he must tell a short story of its creation: what was his inspiration for, and why he painted something like that. Of course, doing this is more fun through Zoom or Google Meet, when everyone on the call can see the person’s face.

Ten common things

Good play before the start of the brainstorm session. Divide the team into small groups and ask them to spend ten minutes making a list of 10 things they all have in common. Gender, age, nationality, “we have all been to Prague”, “we all love fish sandwiches.” The more interesting the general fact, the more fun, of course. If you prefer a more business-related topic, you can ask to include only those related to work or your industry.

The main plus is that it unites! The team becomes more cohesive, while without any special difficulties and any financial costs. It’s almost impossible to lose here. There is always something like “we all work for this company”, “we were all hired more than two years ago” or “we all wear shoes.” But the ability to quickly find something in common with your partners makes you look at them with different eyes. These are not just people who (sometimes too slowly) work with you on a project, these are people with whom you have a lot in common and with whom you look in the same direction. And this is something.

As a bonus – laughter and quality communication. You can’t sit with a sour face listening to the silly things you or your rivals come up with. Well, then – you can proceed to the main brainstorm, where it will not be so easy to come up with the right answers.

If you leave everything to chance, over time, people at a distance will begin to communicate less and less. We have already met this. You thought for so long about how to assemble a team for a project, how to find developers, and then everything starts to dissipate. Everyone works for himself and does not feel much attachment to your specific business. And as soon as he gets a slightly better offer, he has every motive to leave. After all, with you and among the team, all conversations revolve only around doing the work. From which fatigue inevitably begins to arise.

But all this can be avoided. To make the team much more solid and stable, friendly. This is possible even remotely. And it is not necessary to spend money on this, a little time is enough. You will be able to prevent colleagues from becoming only disembodied voices during a conference call or a stream of text messages on the screen.

Sometimes it is enough to communicate with each other outside the context of the work, preferably about something funny and interesting that does not bother any of the participants.

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